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Kyoto Animation

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I just wanted to have a thread highlighting all the positive things Kyoani do like;

1)Training real animators, japan has a shortage of, so that anime can look better.

2)Making HD Anime.

3)Self publishing so that anime can be animated to completion, essentially being a studio who owns the IPs they work on.(lots of anime unfortunately never get closure due to the fact that greedy publishers own the property. they only care about making a cheap advertisement for the source & aren't concerned about the quality of the anime itself. this is why shows like Overlord are rife with nasty CG or why shows like NGNL don't get sequels)

4)Treating their staff properly, they go as far as having rules against overtime.(this is especially notable because overwork is a huge problem in a japan right now & animators have sadly died from it)

5)Paying their animators on salary instead of per frame, this incentivises quality over quantity which is why all their modern works look amazing.

6)Pushing the boundaries of anime.

7)Raising the bar in production quality.(Evergarden had the highest production values on a tv anime ever)

8)Acting as a role model for other studios.

9)Actively working to make the best product possible. E.g. going the extra mile to hand draw close up shots of the typewriters in VE despite not absolutely needing to since they already had a 3D model. We live in a time where studios are trying to cut corners everywhere they can so it's really uplifting to see a studio who're passionate about their craft & willing to bend over backwards in order to deliver an excellent product.

10)They provide a good working environment for their staff.

It's sad that Kyoani are unique. I wish we had more great, pro consumer studios like them. I'd say my favourite thing about them is their great attention to detail which gives their shows more life & re watch value. So /a/, what do you like most about them?