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Dragon Ball Super

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The fact of the matter is that the series needs a new protagonist. Not only is Tardku a mentally deficient brainlet who doesn't even know how to kiss his wife, he's a Mary Sue who manages to asspull wins that he has no right to. He's been doing it for decades and it's grown stale. If the series migrated to U6 then we could have new Saiyans telling new stories in new settings. Sure, the diehard fans would cry betrayal but at this point the word canon has been completely butchered so it'd just be written off like GT was regardless. But having dramatic weight to the fights because of a lack of Dragon Balls, not to mention the get-out-of-jail-free senzu beans, would definitely be a boon. And if Toei actually grew a pair and started inserting real violence like we used to have in the 90's then it might actually have a chance to be better than anything we've had since the Frieza saga.