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ANISON MATRIX!! -?????????

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Welcome back to the very last Anison Matrix of the Heisei Period from Mogra! Guest DJ is droplamp so expect some nice chill and the usual shenanigans from the resident DJs! The next Anison Matrix is on April 6th so mark that down! Other interest of note, Fakku is working with Mogra again and bring them to Kawaii Kon and will take place at April 5th. Hopefully this can become a common occurrence.

23:00~23:45 Oblongar ????&310
23:45~00:30 kei? ????&310
00:30~01:15 Hokboy ????&310
01:15~02:00 droplamp DeLPi
02:00~02:45 melo DeLPi <------ you are here
02:45~03:30 esupa ????&310
03:30~04:15 chefoba DeLPi
04:15~05:00 D-YAMA DeLPi

(thanks for the OP Rec!)