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Hunter x hunter is the best shonen I have ever watched/read.

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The story, characters, and the nen system was beyond my expectations. I’m actually speechless. I can’t even describe what a masterpiece Togashi has created. At first, I thought it was like all other popular shonen, but the more I watched the anime the more I was wrong. When I finished the anime, I wanted to read the manga, but the speech bubbles were VERY heavy. But after just reading two chapters from where the anime left off, I was sold. Finished reading the latest manga chapter yesterday, and boy, this new arc is amazing.

It’s the first shonen I have ever seen that’s different from the rest. Unlike fairy tail, one piece and my hero academia, these characters in HxH are so human it’s insane. I can’t describe it, but all of their personalities, goals, hard work and behavior are so realistic and relatable, unlike becoming the pirate king or the number one hero.

Somehow, Togashi gives every character of his, no matter how insignificant they are in an arc, a really deep story. I mean, the scissor guy from greed island wasn’t really that impotent. I just thought he was some lunatic, and then we saw his backstory, and I felt really sorry for him. Togashi making everyone so human is amazing and very well written, many times better than most stories I have read.

The whole nen system is the best thing about the story. The main characters doesn’t get power ups through nakama power, unlike certain manga’s. Ten, Ren, Zetsu and so on.The power system Togashi has written is most definitely the most detailed and complex power system I have ever seen.