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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Anime Film Earns 3.3 Billion Yen at Japanese Box Office

>The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper reported on Monday that the Dragon Ball Super: Broly anime film has earned more than 3.3 billion yen (about US$30.3 million) after 24 days at the box office in Japan. The film has sold more than 2.6 million tickets

>The film opened in Japan on December 14, and it sold more than 820,000 tickets and earned more than 1,050,000,000 yen (about US$9.26 million) in its first three days in Japan, topping the box office in its first weekend. The film had sold more than 1.5 million tickets and earned more than 2 billion yen (about US$18.1 million) after 11 days at the box office in Japan, a franchise record. Toei stated it anticipates the film will earn more than 5 billion yen (about US$44 million). The film also has 4DX screenings in Japan in addition to normal screenings