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Dragon Ball Super

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Discuss the pros and cons of Super and GT and say which you prefer.

>Super pros
>good world-building and lore with the GoDs, angels, etc.
>Zamasu was a good villain and the arc was pretty decent overall
>Had Toriyama's signature gag style all over it, love it or hate it

>Super cons
>Recolors fucking everywhere
>Animated/written like shit (manga and anime)
>Inconsistent as fuck even for a DB series (not just power levels, characterization)
>Garbage music
>Absolutely fucking terrible piece of shit final arc (episode 131 looked great but that's about it)
>Turned into the Goku and Vegeta show

>GT pros
>Captured the adventure-like feel of OG DB fairly well
>Had some seriously good designs/concepts that were executed poorly (SS4, Baby, Nuova Shenron, Shadow Dragons in general)
>Great music and voices (Jap version, dub fucking sucks)
>satisfying and heartfelt conclusion

>GT cons
>Fucking child Goku
>Pan is an obnoxious whore
>Much of the writing felt like edgy Pedro fanfiction
>Horrendously-animated fights
>Ass-backward consistency (base kid Goku>SS4 Goku)
>Goku Time