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Reminder that, due to her cold and autistic personality, Sophie would make a terrible girlfriend.

>Anon: I love you, Sophie.
>Sophie: Same, I guess. Do we really have to say this every day?

>Anon: Sophie! It's our first anniversary!
>Sophie: Your human customs mean nothing to me, anon.

>Anon: Sophie, my darling... let's make love.
>Sophie: Eh. Alright.
>*Anon and Sophie have sex for about 60 seconds while Sophie lies there motionlessly, looking bored*
>Sophie: Can we stop now? Subs for the new Precure just came out.

>Anon: *gives Sophie a boquet of roses*
>Sophie: I don't care about flowers. Why don't you get me a more thoughtful gift, as opposed to thinking I'll like flowers just because I'm a girl?

>Anon: Sophie, my love... let's be together forever...
>Sophie: Impossible. Nothing lasts forever.