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Dragon Ball Super

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No one will ever replicate what Chadren did. He was literally an unstoppable force and immovable object. He was pure, absolute strength. Every technique, every trick and gimmick, every asspull, he was unfazed by. A spirit bomb by SSBKK Goku was easily repelled. Frozen in time? Who cares, he's like, stronger than time. Goku finally asspulls Ultra Instinct, and it does fucking nothing against a barely-even-trying Jiren. Unlocking new power doesn't help, fighting smart doesn't help, he facetanks beams, he beats people up by just looking at them. They unlock new powers, they team up to fight him together, it doesn't fucking matter. Nothing they do can reach his might. No antagonist has ever felt this far above what the protagonists could muster. He was truly a juggernaught.
And Broly? This pencil-necked, bitch mowgli looking fucker gets manhandled by base Vegeta. YAMETE BEJITA-SAMA YOU'RE HURTING MY HANDS! Jesus fucking christ. Oh, but he grows stronger while fighting! That makes it okay. Oh wait, he STILL gets blown the fuck out, shitstomped by Gogeta to the point he has to get RESCUED by his bitch, trembling with FEAR.