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Dragon Ball Super

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There's so much build up to the Tournament of Power. The recruiting the strategizing, even arguably before it's officially declared there's the training. The heroes throw so much into preparation. Then they get to the tournament and they use so much strategy, put in so much effort, score so many wins.

But none of it matters. And we know it doesn't matter. We're told this pretty early on. Because there's this guy named Jiren who's stronger than the Gods of Destruction. No matter what you do, no matter how much you strategize, how much you gang up on him, how far everybody pushes past their limits Jiren is just so impossibly ridiculously powerful that nothing matters.

Let me repeat that. Jiren is so impossibly ridiculously powerful that nothing matters. You're not beating this guy. There's no point in even trying. The usual tropes of Dragon Ball Super do not apply to this guy. There's no figuring him out, there's no pushing to a new level. You do all of that, he's still way above you.

The only way to challenge him is a Deus Ex Machina. Except no; utterly powerless against him. So more happen. But when it looks like you've actually managed to make him sweat, he just unleashes more power and beats you down again. Nothing works. In the end it takes the protagonists almost literally KILLING THEMSELVES (while Jiren is trying very hard NOT to kill them) from the sheer strain induced on their puny bodies trying to keep up with Jiren for just a FEW MINUTES to do ANYTHING to the guy.

All that just to weaken him down to a level where they have one shot at pushing him out of bounds. Even this last-ditch effort of last-ditch efforts is entirely predicated on, one, knocking out Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza just to move Jiren a few feet, and two, hiding 17 in the rubble and hoping like hell that Jiren doesn't target him. Because if Jiren finds him, or if he's able to avoid their last shot, it's over. They have NO chance.

We will likely never see such an OP antagonist ever again.