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Dragon Ball Super

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>Goku-Vegeta synchronized teamwork weaken Jiren even more
>then Jiren eliminates Vegeta and tries to eliminate Goku
>Freeza appears, he and Goku synchronize their moves as well
>apparently fails but it was on Freeza's plan too, he gets Jiren opened and pushes Goku and Jiren off and eliminates himself at same time
>17 reveals he was playing dead, like people theorized he made this plan with Freeza when they were in a floating rock talking about "the next strategy"
>17 also mentions he doesn't know how to blow himself up so he can't do it anymore, he lost his bomb years ago. They also mention the plan was perfect because being an android no one can sense his ki and detect he's alive
>17 says he truly changed his mind about getting a cruise because he didn't want to let that "self-important little guy" (Zeno) get away with doing whatever he wanted
>he was serious about 18 taking care of his children tho, because he spends too much time working on the island
>Vegeta says they have plenty of cruisers, Bulma will give him one, it's the less they can do for someone who saved the universes
>Belmod comforted Jiren at the end after see Gicchin was right after all, despite hating Gicchin's way of thinking, in fact he and Gicchin were great friends but their different opinions separated them and that's how Belmod became a GoD and Gicchin a Pride Trooper and Jiren's master (that's also why Belmod knows Jiren so well)
>some days after [pic related]

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