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Dragon Ball Super

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Very good possibility a SHUEISHA NIPPONIG dropped by /a/ a few days ago to tease the possibility that Goten and Caulifla MIGHT get married
Why? For raffs because Chi Chi hates delinquents
No confirmation. It's not even a leak. It's just something that he might have overheard a drunk-ass Toriyama and Toei execs hearing about when brainstorming ideas for the post-movie DB.
>To world : ??????????3??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!

Note: Caulifla is spelled wrong. (Correct: ????; this guy: ?????) Nips sometimes do this though.
He also used "Fire mountain princess" instead of "Chi Chi"
"???" or "Son Gok Tang" is gook speak for "Son Goten"

> Son Gok Tang (Goten) and cauliflower (Caulifla) get married in three years (I don't know if this is IRL or in DB). Toriyama-sensei is looking for a gag between a volcanic princess (Fire Mountain Princess, aka Chi chi) and a criminal/delinquent (aka Caulifla). The teacher (Toriyama) thinks that Chichi and cauliflower are very interesting duo !!

> In other words Toriyama thinks Caulifla and Chi Chi might make for some good raughs because we know Chi Chi hates delinquency and wanted the best for her sons (which is why she always bitched about Gohan and, recently, Goten studying rather than fighting). Which is why it would be funny if Goten wound up buttfucking and breeding with a gang leader like Caulifla