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Dragon Ball Super

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UI Goku's raw power = SSB Goku's raw power <<< Jiren's raw power

>Tenshinhan: Did Jiren's attack even affected Goku!?
>Whis: The accuracy of Goku's Migatte no Gokui is improving... He's defending himself in a way that blocks the most damage possible.

>Jiren: That was an agressive move, but yours isn't real power!

>Goku: You should calm your heart, clean your mind, let your body flow like the water flows down the mountains. That's what I do, and my body moves on his own.
>Jiren: The strength I aim for is different than yours! Calm my heart? Get carried away by my body? I'm not into that "strength"!

>Vermoud: I wasn't expecting to see a foe that uses the Migatte no Gokui... but still, Jiren won't be defeated
>Whis: A battle of opposite forces... they are opposites, but still similar at same time.
>Beerus: Jiren's pure strength contrasts with the "strength" of the Migatte no Gokui...

So right now in the manga Vegeta has the superior raw power and Goku has the superior skill. Neat