Hunter x Hunter

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So just a few clarifications about this chapter:
>Morena and her goons are the ones causing all the deaths. They have killed more than 300 people. Therefore we can assume some of them already developed their own gang(Remember that when they reach lvl 100, they can spread the virus).
>The Spiders want to go after Morena and her people, thinking that eliminating her might help them to go in the upper layers looking for Hisoka
>It seems one of he Heil-ly thugs directly went for Tserednich's head and he was killed
>Morena is not in the upper floors since it was shown in the panels with the bosses and the empty room. So there is going to be a mafia war.
>Tse has 2 nen beasts now. His guardian spirit beast (the horse) and a "conjured specialist nen beast".