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Houseki no Kuni's CGI is certainly in no way perfect, but I think it works very well for the show.
I'm the type of person that doesn't like to watch shows that adapts a story I already read but in HnK's case I enjoyed the manga and I enjoyed the anime throughout for different reasons. People seem to tout the fully animated PV as if it was perfect, it was not, and I doubt they could have maintained the quality of the PV if they were to make a series out of it, in all honesty, I wouldn't watch an anime series of HnK if it was as faithful to the manga as the PV was. Not saying it wouldn't have been as good as the CGI anime, just that it wouldn't have been as interesting for me.

I generally still don't like CGI anime though, HnK is just an exception for me. I don't even like most of Studio Orange's work, I didn't like the action scenes on MJP.