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The state of anime subs in 2018

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Everything is fucking commie-tier americanwashed in the name of "localization".
Every honorific are completely eliminated, all nipponese stuff are oversimplified for retards, making the subs extremely awkward, distracting and completely ruining immersion.

>SSSS Gridman
>Irozuku Sekai
>Yagate kimi ni naru (fuck Asenshi)
>Index (fuck GJM)
>Gyakuten Saiban (overkill)
>Potentially many others that I didn't bother trying or not yet airing

100% of non-CR are like this and CR has 50/50 of this happening to their subs (+ bonus trash tier typesetting)
Even the few fansubbers that are still alive now are just as localized trash as the Horrible official subs. Why are they doing this???
Nii-sama saved Eromanga-sensei back then, but there is nothing you can do now unless you know nip or FUCKING INDONESIAN of all languages.
So this is what happens when you try to cater normalfag americans instead of anime watchers?

Go fuck yourself new 2018 /a/
Fuck this shit. What the fuck is happening with anime subs nowadays???