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Hunter X Hunter

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Reminder that hes still alive

>Sale-Sale is absent because his condition is not well.
>First and Second princes are absent, but Melody thinks it's good cause those two would be nen users.
>Bisque thinks they can survive if they keep stay in this room.
>Bisque stayed in the fake room with Marayam, but other hunters are sent to real room to pretend everything is normal.
>Melody's song hypnotizes everyone for 3 minutes.
>Kini, Kacho, Fugetsu ran to the escape boat. If the door to Kakin won't appear in the boat, they should return to their bedroom and find other way to escape.
>They arrived at the boat and Kini killed himself, to Hunter Association not responsible at this. Melody knew this but she couldn't stop him.
>Mizai's call about 'stopping KachoFugetsu escape' was a password. It was an opposite.
>K&F are going through the waterway but numerous hands are following them. Escaping from the ritual means death.
>Kacho ordered Fugetsu to open the door. Hands almost grabbed them so Kacho pushed Fugetsu into the tunnel.
>Fugetsu was alone in the tunnel, but Kacho opened the door. They returned to their beedroom and sleep together.
>Fugetsu's nen beast. Worm like monster. Magic Worm is the teleportation ability. Fugetsu is for leaving, Kacho is for returning.
>Kacho's nen beast. Shapeless. "Two people's Season' can transform itself into the dead twin.
>Kacho's corpse is still left on their escaping boat.