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Dragon Ball Super

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>100 minutes
>Freeza's Galactic Empire plays a significant role.
>Vegeta vs Broly
>Freeza vs Broly
>Goku vs Broly
>Apparently Toei suggested a lot of ideas but Toriyama rejected all of them and they came to agreement in making a movie about the Saiyans
>Much more thought and care went into this movie than past films and most of DBS
>producers felt that the timing was right with the Dragon Ball Super TV series ending to refresh the franchise’s character designs to fall more inline with Akira Toriyama’s current art style. With this in mind, the producers held auditions in which numerous animators submitted artwork to be reviewed and critiqued by Akira Toriyama, who ultimately selected Naohiro Shintani as the movie’s animation supervisor and character designer.
>In addition to falling more inline with Akira Toriyama’s current art style, Akio Iyoku also noted that the movie’s color palette has been adjusted to be closer to the colors of the original comic

What are you expecting?