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Dragon Ball Super

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The most boring and worst part of DragonBall next to GT.
>·18 & 17 were disappointments
>·Gohan did nothing the entire time.
>·Final Fight sucked
>·Cell lost his personality and intrigue.
>·Vegeta got ruined by being retarded.
>·Pointless transformations & power ups that accomplished nothing.
>·Everyone was a failure or acted Retarded.
>·Cell games became generic garbage.
>Goku is the only one that had a good fight in the Games.
>Cell destroyed the ring
(Spent an entire episode building it and protecting it just to destroy it anyways.)
>Everyone but Goku & Gohan spent the entire time watching from the crowd.
>·Gohan's transformation kinda made no sense. He transforms because of 16. Yes he was a good person but Gohan had no real attachment to him at all. If it was Tien or even Goku or Piccolo then yes. But 16 wasn't right.
>Cell created major plot holes. Unfixable I'll add.