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Darling in the Franxx - It's Not His Fault

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You guys don't really think Nishigori is to blame for what happened to Darling in the Franxx, right? I mean I'm a bit miffed about how he said Hiro would be a forgettable character compared to 02, but he's not exactly wrong. But it's his passion project which he's been working on for years. If you take a look at how he was in his last special he looked devastated.
If you're going to be pointing fingers direct them to the multitude of writers who could not decide on what they wanted, Hayashi who looked too pleased with himself in the specials, Trigger and A-1 for not getting along or licensing companies and producers for rushing the show out. Honestly it does not seem like Nishigori had as much pull as many of us suspect after all he was the one which had overseen the best episodes in the show. Those behind the show made a lot of mistakes, Nishi included but I don't think he deserves all the blame.