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Dragon Ball Super

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I'm probably one of many Gohanfags who don't actively voice my hatred towards Caulifla, Kale or Kefla, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Since they've appeared on the show, they have stolen the spotlight that rightfully belonged to Gohan. Before then, Toei and Toriyama have both hinted at Gohan achieving a new form that surpasses his Ultimate one. But it seems as though they dropped this for some unknown reason and it infuriates me to the point where it causes me to have mood swings which ultimately effect my personal life. It doesn't help that I come unto these threads and see the constant trolling that's done against Gohan's character by multiple posters, including the Caulifla fans. I know it's bait and all and I should ignore it, but I can't. I genuinely can't. I always attempt to respond to them with reasoning, but they immediately shut me down which angers me further. It made me take a two month break from this site.

In that time, I rewatched some of my favorite Gohan episodes from both Z and Super. From his filler episodes whilst training with Piccolo, to the last filler episode in Super where Gohan fought that one blonde actor dude. It calmed me down, but alas, once I returned to /a/, my despair returned.

I grew a connection with the character unlike any other. I typically self inserted as Gohan, and would and still do feel that I am the character spiritually. This might sound autistic but I can't help but feel as though Toriyama had written Gohan for me. He was the reason why I aimed for higher grades in school. I was pushed around, like Gohan, but inside I had a dormant power that caused me to lash out and overpower my enemies