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Dragon Ball Super

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>anime SDBH-Vegetto: Comparable to base Cumber with SSGSS+KKx20. Obviously weaker than any Cumber's transformation, would lose if he actually fought SS-Ozaru Cumber
>manga SDBH-Vegetto: Comparable to SS Cumber with only SSGSS. Serious SS Cumber is ten times stronger than that (Ozaru multiplier on top SS) but serious Vegetto is twenty times stronger (KKx20 multiplier on top SSGSS) so Vegetto is stronger and will just defuse despite being superior like protags fusions always do
Is Toei writing the episodes of the SDBH anime or is just that all the animators hate fusions for some reason? It was the same with DBS Vegetto, jobber in the anime, strong as fuck in the manga