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Houseki no Kuni thread

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Imagine being this fucking character for just a minute
>Sleeps all the time, does harmless shit that doesn't hurt anyone
>Hugging Sensei while hes awake
>Being a 11/10 cutie who probably gets headpets every hour
>Be physically weak but have some special memory skills and a god-tier pure heart all while having the traits of a leader.
>Watches Gems fighting it out against the Loonies all the time like its a fucking TV show
>Feeling aspired to also fight due to being devoted to your sugardaddy, the hugs have to lead to something
>Sleep some more instead because nobody feels like that you're of any help but you're an optimist
>Instead you're getting assigned some shitty nonsense task instead without ANY sort of guidance like you're a piece of shit
>To help some random emo chick you seek out advice from your bestie who has depression but that talk inspired her to overcome it a little
>You turned into Doctor Dolittle so fair trade off
>Go on a adventure and lose your legs
>The new legs are fun but people treat you a little like some sort of alien
>Winter is coming so some super boring archetype of a Senpai is giving you working advice now
>Completly fall head over heels on how awesome your new Senpai is, all while you're trying to do your best
>But instead your Senpai tells Sensei that your legs are alright but the rest is useless and shit
>Now some ranrom voice tells you to cut your arms off to get stronger
>Fall into a pond because the only thought is that you're being useless and unwanted anyway
>Oh Jesus Christ what is even happening with all that gold and shit?
>Icegem bites the dust
>You start blaming yourself all the time because of your poor heart
This is how you ruin perfection, fucking Antarc and everyone else involved.