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Why is anime, or art in general, still a thing? Any further endeavors of technical skill and imagination are clearly pointless, as the pinnacle of aesthetic and creative potential has already been reached as far back as 2011 with Kyoto Animation's conclusion to their masterpiece, K-On. It’s not just incredibly disrespectful to keep making art; in many ways, it’s actually quite sad. The deluded people churning out this worthless garbage just can’t seem to reconcile themselves to the fact that their pathetic little sculptures and films and novels and whatnot will always pale in comparison to the brilliantly set up, heart-stopping conclusion in the music room after the concert in Episode 24 of Season 2. K-On is the finest and last necessary piece of human expression, the unquestionable apex of the entire history of the creative arts. But it’s almost as though current so-called artists are completely oblivious to Yoshida's inspiring, transcendental writing and character development, or Yamada's masterful directing.