Shingeki no Kyojin S3

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How fucked is this season gonna be
>Already rushed, 7 ch. 1 episode
>Skipping dialogue and character moments
>Skipping fan favorite manga moments for new anime moments
>flashbacks already
Story is gonna get ripped apart and simplified in order to show the more "HYPE" moments, to appeal to the pea brained seasonal anime fans.
Wtf is wrong with Shit Studio, season 2 ends at ch. 51 could have easily in 24 episodes covered up to ch.90 having around 2-3 ch. per episode. It would have flowed really nice, also be a perfect place to leave the story cutting right into marley at the start of s4.

I have a feeling like uprising and rts might only be around 12 episodes, and followed up by a rushed shitty marley ending.
I mean I knew uprising was a pleb filter and they would probably butcher it to appeal to the anime watchers but this on another level.