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Burn The Witch

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Spoiler out:

The story is set in london. Dragons exist here who the regular people cannot see. 72% of deaths are caused by these dragons and their aim is to end humanity. Therefore a few citizens who are able to see them have to fight them off as the organization WB. The black haired female is a high school student. She likes to wear uniforms and has been to Japan to receive a japanese name. Her ringtone is the DragonBall Intro/Opening. The blonde haired one is actually a boy who has a crush on the black haired girl, but she does not care about him. He sees her disappearing in a telephone booth. It turns out dragons are a valuable resource as well and you can eat them. A rare Black Dragon appears in London and a fight ensues. It turns out the Black Dragon was formed out of the negative feelings of the humans and is very smart. Some fighting and flashback happen and shit and it turns out the boy is a dragon himself.

Bleach 2.0 with a Trap Waifu.