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Dragon Ball Super

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> Goku and Vegeta eat a Senzu Bean. Are both at 100% power" with a possible Zenkai boost
> They fuse into Vegetto
> Vegetto Blue barely takes any damage, pushes Merged Zamasu back and even mocks his speed towards the end of his fusion time
> Vegetto time runs out
> Goku and Vegeta take only one hit from Merged Zamasu before Trunks intervenes
> Everyone left on Earth, and a basically healed-up Goku and Vegeta lend Trunks their energy (and arguably Shin and Gowasu too)

Just how strong was SS Rage Trunks + Sword of Hope? The scene made it look like Goku and Vegeta were near complete exhaustion, but they both just had Senzu Beans...

It's definitely weaker than the Universe Survival Saga's U7 Spirit Bomb, but it's far stronger than the Buu Saga's Super Spirit Bomb.

A (mostly) healed-up Zamasu Saga Base Goku and Base Vegeta ALONE are both several times stronger than the energy that Goku got in the Buu Saga from Vegeta (base?) + Gohan + un-trained or semi-trained Android 17, a bunch of Earthlings who are inconsequential on their own.