One Piece is Objectively Superior to HxH and here is why:

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HxH fans have a very narrow understanding of what makes a work of fiction "good". It's very simplistic to look at how dark and mature something is and base its worth entirely off that. They overvalue that aspect of storytelling and don't see the million other things that go into writing. It's annoying because HxH fans think that because they're reading a shonen that regularly subverts tropes it means that it's inherently superior.

Bad logic. Different does not = better, it just means different. HxH is a subversion of Shonen tropes, whereas One Piece is the best execution of Shonen tropes. It's apples and oranges, and both have strengths that the other does not. HxH fans just don't see or understand the countless strengths One Piece has over it. These rank among my favorite manga, but I dislike HxH's fanbase for their pretentious and honestly ignorant outlook.

Off the top of my head, these are some of the primary differences:


More nuanced micro storytelling. Meaning that on an arc to arc basis, the writing is really going to stand out from the standard shonen. Much less predictable, darker, and more "sophisticated" ideas. For example, the Mereum-Komugi relationship was arguably the best Shonen writing I've seen

Better Fights. Arguably the smartest fights in Shonen. HxH is very creative with character abilities, and Nen combat is maybe the most complex shonen combat system out there, bolder writing style that isn't afraid to subvert readers expectations, unique character dynamics such as previously mentioned, Mereum-Komugi, but also just relationships between the Phantom Troupe, the Zoldyck family, Hisoka-Gon, etc.Generally a more "thoughtful" series, with a better handle on complexities of morality and deeper character conflicts (Ex: Kurapika's entire arc in Yorknew) ...