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Dragon Ball Super

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Hating Caulifla for "unearned power boosts that shit on other people's training" pisses me off.

Piccolo absorbed Nail and gained a MASSIVE power boost which was TOTALLY earned and DID NOT shit on Goku's training on a spaceship.

Gohan was handed a free power boost from Elder Kai just by sitting on his ass which was TOTALLY earned and DID NOT shit on anyone's training efforts.

Entire concept of Zenkai Boost is to hand out free, unearned power boosts. You got your shit kicked in? You lost and got humiliated? Oh here darling, a free power boost for ye that is TOTALLY earned and DOES NOT shit on anyone's training.

These are just a few examples of numerous, unearned power boosts. The show is full of it. It's what Dragon Ball IS, giving characters bullshit power boosts when the plot requires it. If you hate Caulifla because you think her power boosts were unearned, then be consistent and hate EVERY MAJOR CHARACTER IN THE SHOW BECAUSE THEY'VE DONE IT TOO