Is this the most based anime at the moment?

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>promotes opposite-sex couples as essential, foundation for human existence and hope for the future
>cisgender squad is good and well-intentioned while the nonbinary one is clearly evil and without any emotions
>lesbian character accepts her feelings but knows that they shouldn't be socially acceptable therefore suppressing them in front of others
>tackles the obesity problem, portraying the overweight boy as a loser, who the girl doesn't find to be desirable
>characters see babies as a beacon of hope for humanity, something to be desired and biggest goal in life (ep17)
>encourages reproduction as a way of leaving a mark on the world and contributing to the future
>reinforces the idea that heterosexual love/sex/reproduction is what made us human in the first place
>shows that it doesn't matter how far we stray from human nature because in the end we will always go back to it, as it's our destiny

I really like the way this anime is approaching all of those themes.