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Darling in the FranXX is a poor study of sexual relationships masquerading as a mech show similar to how Evangelion is a study of interpersonal relationships masquerading as a mech show, the difference being is that FranXX has the subtly of getting hit in the balls with a baseball bat. In the opening scene of FranXX we are introduced to a world in which teenagers have to fight generic, non-organic, stock enemies that mech series need to have to create a sense of danger, the difference being in FranXX is that the mechs used to fight these monsters need 2 pilots to control. Not only this but the pilots have to be a boy and a girl in a compromising position. If you haven't caught on yet, piloting a FranXX is a metaphor for sex which is the thing which sets FranXX apart from other mech series which is the sheer bluntness that only a trigger series can accomplish. I was fine with this because I consider it to be the charm of trigger series as they never bother to hide what their show is about, the difference being between FranXX and other trigger shows is that FranXX currently has no message. Kill La Kill's message was about being comfortable with your body and shit like that and Guren Lagann's message was about GUTS and the human spirit, FranXX just doesn't have anything to say at all not even a simple message like the other previously mentioned shows. What I thought FranXX's message was esssentially "plenty of fish" with each character trying to find the right partner as we've already seen some pairs get mixed up (most notably Milkman and fatty but I'll talk about that later.) However, this message has been seemingly thrown out the window as Ichigo, another character unhappy with her partner, can't move on from her puppy love for the main character essentially nullifying my theory on what the show's message was.