Could DragonBall series survive with no Goku?

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Honestly I wish they had just killed off Goku and let the new generation grow up.

But are any of the other characters popular enough to keep the series going? and if they're not, could story lines and character development make them more popular over time? but noone else had a chance to shine with Goku taking the spotlight.

Goku becomes more and more powerful and they end up writing themselves into a corner, where you have to create supermegaultra powerful villians that somehow keep topping the last one they fought.

the entertainment comes from growth and not being super OP. which is why the earlier part of DBZ is more popular than the cell/majin buu parts. not to mention how entertaining the original dragonball series was back in the day.

another problem is that many of the side characters become completely obsolete. what good are mere mortals when demigods are running around blowing up planets.

Instead of Dragon Ball Super, I'd like to see something involving Goten and Trunks getting older and going on their own adventures.

Why did Frieza have to be "the strongest in the universe"? we go from fighting saiyans on earth, to the ginyu force, to the strongest?

as far as story writing goes, how do you write the next villain reasonably?
Instead, make frieza just a really strong dude whos running an empire, but there are also other strong guys out there too. then the plot has lots of potential branches.

basically, in trying to give people what they thought they wanted, aka "more goku" we got "painted into a corner" plotlines.....

theres so many different ways DBZ could have kept going, but the writers just werent creative enough as far as universe building went.

many other animes have both useful and interesting side characters, but the DBZ crew became all garbage because the plot never evolved beyond villain escalation