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Hunter x Hunter

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Chapter 372: Disappearance

Furykov (Hey now... if you do it so flagrantly you'll expose yourself)

Furykov (A layman can't possibly produce that much aura all of a sudden. Now people will notice that you're experienced Nen users)

Furykov (You didn't raise your hand, but you fail at hiding anyway. Are the guards of the 9th Prince (Halkenburg) idiots or what?)

Kurapika "Shedule, Yuhirai"

Yuhirai "Yessir"

Kurapika "Both of you can use Nen. Are you testing me?"

Shedule "!? N-no, that was not our intention!!"

Yuhirai "... Can we talk about this matter in private? Just between you and us"

Kurapika "From a security standpoint, neither can I leave here, nor can I let you approach"

Kurapika "I will speak to either one of you after the lecture"

Yuhirai "Understood"

Furykov (I see, they (? subject unclear) are not aware themselves. Either they are being Manipulated, or it is related to the Princes' Nen Beasts...)

Sakata (It is possible that the present development is all according to their (? plural but whose?) scenario. Their goal might be to stay in this room...)

Sakata (I'd prefer to observe them from up close, but... It depends on how Kurapika took my firing the gun just now...)

Furykov (The other one, Loberry, has been detained by the Royal Army, so that leaves one more hidden Nen-user...)

Furykov (This guy is really good with his camouflage)

Furykov (The aura flowing from above his head is perfectly natural, and the flow of aura from his hands looks exactly like a novice's)

Attorney? "Very well then, shall we-"

Seiko "We reserve our right to remain silent"

Seiko "We will answer none of your questions"

Attorney "You are protected by royal privileges. This is just a formality and shall not remain in any court records"

Seiko "Even better. My answer does not change"

Attorney "...Very well. That saves me some hassle too"

Attorney "We'll have to bear with each other for 72 hours. With surveillance, you can even move around if you'd like"