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Dragon Ball Super

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Manga leaks soon...... this time for real.

More than likely fake leaks but let's see how they compare to the real ones.

>Piccolo approaches Gohan and is shocked when Gohan reveals that he has, in fact, been training since the Frieza incident and goes Ultimate on the spot.

>Piccolo invites Gohan to come with him into the Room of Spirit and Time, and Gohan states he wants to achieve a form that no one has seen before.

>Caulifla and Cabba fight as Kale watches below. Caulifla is SS and Cabba is SS2. Caulifla lands a few hits, but loses. Cabba notes that she’s approaching Super Saiyan 2 level.

>Caulifla is impressed by Cabba’s strength and wants Kale to train with them too. Kale declines, but Cabba decides to fight her to get an idea of how strong she is.

>Kale doesn't want to fight, but Cabba goes on the offensive to force her to. He is shocked when, despite not hitting him back, base Kale is able to evade and react to SS2 Cabba's attacks. Caulifla and Cabba wonder what potential she holds.

>In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo watches as Gohan powers up and notes that his current ki is far different from when he fought Buu years ago.