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Dragon Ball Super

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So if 17 gets eliminated, do we consider it to be Gohan's fault for choking and not listening to him? It seems he will be since Gohan and Frieza are fighting Dyspo and Vegeta and Goku fight Jiren but no mention of 17 and Toppo. Curious. Maybe they will still be fighting in the background.

Also, reminder that the anime is the primary product because they ToP will be finished and moving to the island arc while the manga will just be finishing the recruitment. If the manga was the primary product, it would be coming out first and the anime would be basing it's storyboards on it. But the manga is clearly a promotional product meant to generate interest for the anime.
>ignores the entire arc of Frieza coming back for briefness so the get to the U6 tournament
That decision right there is all the proof you need because Toyo needed to get to that arc ASAP since the anime was already on it and he needed to generate buzz.