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Leave this board and never return if:

>you watch any form of isekai anime
>you barely know your classics
>you tend to believe that if you like a show, it is justified on an artistic level
>you think everyone's opinion should be accepted and respected
>you only watched post-2000 anime
>you paid for any kind of anime streaming service
>you watch anime for the fanservice
>you watch shows because they're 'comfy'
>you rarely watch Ghibli movies
>you don't have a solid grounding in animation theory and storywriting
>you don't have at least some understanding of Japanese
>you have little to no understanding of anime genres outside of your favorite one
>you have little to no understanding of anime within your own favorite genres
>you mostly watch contemporary seasonal shows
>you believe 'manime is dead'
>you make your anime analysis proceed from studio loyalty
>you think complex storylines are 'pretentious' and that the writers should just give up any kind of thematic depth
>your rarely watch mecha shows
>you have a hard time explaining why you like a given anime
>you have a hard time forming structured and relevant anime criticism
>you tend to refuse to judge anime for yourself, rather relying on the opinions of other people
>you rarely watch anime for more than one or two hours straight