Dragon Ball Super

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Energetic ball raised all of the people of the earth to the limit Finally
it is a level where the demonic bubure pure can beat but exceeding the super Saiyan got beyond that even though the blue that probably exceeded that even at that point Zamas
who remained a little in the partner who probably exceeded It's a funny story that you can defeat with energetic
The problem is that I could not defend the future world in the end even though Goku in the world where Gokuu was saved was interfered with
In the cell edition, the future trunks interfere with the main part world (creates in super setting) and it became strong from training of Gokuusa of this world over super Saiyan, finally able to save their world
The world where the trunks were killed by the cell does not interfere in the main part world, so it can not be helped
There is nothing I can do about the world where Zamas robbed Goku's body if it was over