Dragon Ball Super

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What if the Tournament of Power arc is a setup to replace the DBZ and DB cast with a new set of characters?

>All the universes participating in the Tournament right now are merged into one after this arc.

>Dragonball Super continues with Goku, Vegeta, and the strongest fighter (or 2) from each of the other Universes as the main cast.

> Someone from U11 Pride Squad

>This means Gohan, Buu and everyone else is completely sidelined for this new cast never to be relevant again for the rest of Super.
>Bulma should be involved in some way or form because she's been there since the very beginning.

Why it could happen:
They effectively replaced and sidelined a lot of the cast in Dragonball when moving to Dragonball Z - Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, and later Trunks / Kid Trunks / Goten became the major players, replacing Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Roshi, Chaotzu and Launch

No longer having to care about if Gohan is better off jobbing or doing nothing.
No longer having to feel bad about humans not being involved.
No longer have to create asspull power boosts for characters struggling to keep up.
Potential for character development for Vegeta that doesn't involve him being a family man anymore.
No more power level bullshit "Why is he coming along he's shit tier" discussions because we can safely assume almost everyone will be top tier in some degree.
No longer just the Super Saiyan Show, apart from interactions between Cabba and Vegeta, and Vegeta gets to play team leader
Bergamot becomes the new designated jobber / Yamcha

Potentially jumping the shark
New set of characters could be unpopular
There will be at least one furry if not two in the main cast (if you you are a furry you can count this as a pro)
You'd have to give up hope for any of your favorite Dragonball / Dragonball Z characters ever being relevant ever again

Personally I'd be all for a huge sweeping change like this