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Promised Neverland 46

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- Ray stated that they have similar feet than demons.
- Emma is worried about others children (she's wondering whether they've been eaten or not)
- according to Sonju, they found them by chance, as seemingly Musica (the other demon) was looking for him as he get lost (or it could be the other way) (not sure about this part)
- Emma runs at the back of the cave to check if the other children are ok.
- She found them preparing the meals like they were using to do in GF.
- They were relieved to see Emma.
- Sonju and Musica joined them and removed their hood.
- Their face is different from human faces.
- Meal is ready, Emma and Ray are very cautious, about the food, they're wondering if it's poisonned, but Don & Gilda have already checked and the food was safe.
- They prayed for nature like humans (before eating ?) (not sure about this part either)
- After the meal, Emma and Ray could speak with both demons as others went to sleep.
- Emma apologies for being suspicious about their saviors.
- Something about songju seeing humans being assaulted and saying something like Emma's reaction is understandable (not sure about this part).
- Ray asked why Sonju doesnt attack humans, he answered that it's for religious reasons.
- Sonju and Musica seems to belong to a kind of sect or dissenters group and he just wanted to talk with humans.
- Emma eventually asked them what's happened to this world.