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Would /a/ agree that these three are the pinnacle of shounen manga?

I've yet to read Gash Bell and a few others, but so far, out of what I've read, I feel these three really stand out from the crowd I terms of writing and storytelling.

In terms of writing, all three left me wanting for more, all three surprised me with the depth and theme in the narrative, all three offer a variety of likeable and well written characters, all three left me feeling sad by the time I realized the ride was over.

Something I find very rare in a genre littered with clichés and plotholes.

Unlike Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Shaman King, Dragonball, Busou Renkin, Rave Master, 666 Satan, etc... you can the mangaka here really put a lot of thought into outlining their story before getting started.

Something really rare in shounen I feel, which is a pity, because when done right, a good shounen battle manga is very enjoyable.