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Hoshi no Samidare>>>Sengoku Youko

Haven't read Spirit Circle.
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Dragon Ball Super

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When were you when Gogeta and his smug ass attitude like when he appeared in GT as SS4 became canon? Based Toei
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She was supposed to come back November 6th
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Can anyone stop this madman and his OTP?
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I love her so much
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Violet Evergarden

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>Her soft, braided hair was held by a dark red ribbon, while her slim body was enclosed in a snow-white ribbon-tie dress. Her pleated silk skirt swayed gracefully as she walked, the emerald brooch on her chest glittering in sparkles. The jacket she wore over the dress was of a contrasting Prussian blue. Her long leather boots, worn for practicality, were of a deep cocoa brown.

Is she a goddess or something?
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Aku no Hana

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Admit it, she should have won. Kusuga should have just broken up with Tokiwa the second he found out where Nakamura was. Instead he stuck with the worst most boring option.
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This shoujo manga is pretty cute

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ITT Cute moments
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Studio Pierrot's Jump Festa lineup. Will it be yet another big disappointment for Bleachfags?
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