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Do you think she is virgin?
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Let’s have a /ss/ thread.
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Yep, this one's going in my wide compilation.
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Attack on Titan

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I rewatched AOT and found out about the OVAs and I can't find the rest. Netflix Canada only has the first season and nothing else. I asked a friend who has Prime and nothing there. Nothing on Crave. Where can I get the other seasons and the OVAs? I was thinking of purchasing off of eBay, I found some that were under $20, but I don't want bootlegged. Should I just get DVD/Bluray (how do I determine if they're bootlegged?) and call it a day or is there a place I can watch online?
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Do you know that nowadays shounen jump audience is basically females?
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A better couple
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Domestic no Kanojo

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Is there any other good rage-inducing mangas for women and normalfags?
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Disregard what happened last week. Nagi is still cool.
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ITT: Good Isekai

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Pic related.
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