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Beastars Chapter 121

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What's the next step in Kyoani's plan to dominate anime?
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Carne and Notorious CHASE next week
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What is thy desire?
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I love oneesan, and when I get this tall I'm gonna marry her!
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/a/ sings - Triple Threat

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End of March guys, and thanks for the voices so far.
>Soramimi Cake (Azumanga Daioh OP)
>Fukashigi no Carte (Bunny Girl Senpai ED)
>Adabana Necromancy (Zombieland Saga OP)
Azumanga Daioh and Zombieland Saga could use more help though, details in the video description.
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Grown men don't watch shoujou shit, right?
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But how big is too big?
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why did they never get together?
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the animatrix is /a/ right?
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