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ITT: Deaths that still hurt.
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Toji no Miko

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I miss Hiyoyon
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Yu Gi Oh

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Why do people ship Kaiba with Serenity? Did they even interact?
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Honestly I think my favorite thing from the chapter was this single panel.

It really seems like it was such an instinctual challenging answer to automatically say for her that she didn't even realize what was coming out of her mouth.
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FUCK why did no one tell me this was a masterpiece???

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Binged this shit in a couple of days, and damn was it worth it. Anyone else really like this manga?
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>only time she ever got turned on by Naruto

What did she mean by this?
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Would you love a retard?
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What was the purpose of including this scene in the anime?
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Why do precures like donuts so much?
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you now remember revue starlight
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