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Precure thread

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Will ST have any Cures as cool as Dream or Peach?
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Killing Bites

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There'll be another season...r-right?
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Alita Battle Angel

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What are your expectations?
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Wolf and Parchment

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>Col wants to be a priest and take a vow of chastity
>Myuri is treated like his little sister
Is there going to be no romance between the leads in the Spice and Wolf sequel?
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How does /a/ feel about Oni girls?
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>CTRL F 3x3
Never started one of these myself so I might as well.
Show me your mosaics anons.
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Kemono Friends 2

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Mine was right
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Just gonna scroll past without saying Selemat Pagi?
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>Next customer please
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Cheelai thread

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Where does Cheelai rank in the pantheon of Dragon Ball girls?

Could she even take all of Broly?
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