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Imagine the unenviable task of animating this being left to J.C. Staff one day.
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Have you ever re-watched an anime that you loved when you were younger and realized that you've missed the point entirely?

I first watched Oregairu when I was like 14 and recently rewatching it I realized how literally everything in that anime went over my head. Back then I liked it because I was a shitty nihilistic loner like 8man and could relate to him, but now I realize that the show actually makes fun of him and challenges his childish worldview throughout the whole show.

And the show isn't just some shitty cringy social commentary on how everyone is a moron besides Hikigaya, but it's actually kind of a tragic story about the coping mechanism of 2 very lonely people.

Anyone here have this happen to them when rewatching an old favorite?
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>Spiral Power means I can save my wife from AIDS and bring back my friends
>I don't
How do you faggots defend this shit?
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Hitori Bocchi

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This is Bocchi. She is little and a bit chubby. She tries her best to make a lot of friends, even though she is very shy. Please be kind to Bocchi and become her good friend. Or else,
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Episode 8 out now.
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Kimetsu no yaiba

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15 hrs left for episode 8. Tamayo and Yushiro to make their debut.
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ITT: Scenes that made you cry

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Best Sarazanmai boy
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5toubun no hanayome

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Is she out of the bowl?
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Oshii Returns!!

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He is back after a 12 years long hiatus. With an upcoming studio none the less.

Will he be able to redefine the industry with yet another timeless classic?
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