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what's her hourly rate?
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Daily Kenrantaru Grande Scene

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Chapter 62

Last time, Kanade spent most of her dance pre-occupied with thoughts of how to get herself out of her slump and making sure she was doing everything correctly. Sakura and her friends and Andrea and her's seemed to be impressed and even Oliver noted that things like her musicality have improved. But worn out after the performance Kanade could only rush off stage and bemoan that she probably did terribly. However Takimoto stated it was her best performance yet and that ballet has many layers to it leading Kanade to realize she didn't have to focus on only one path to becoming a pro and finally bringing her out of her slump. She wished Shouko luck on her own dance and headed to the theater. She was entranced by Ema's own Aurora while Shouko, waiting for her chance to respond to Ema, watched from just off stage.

This time, we'll go through the rest fof the important dancers.
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Which scene are you most looking forward to in S2? For me it's Ferris and Crusch hugging.
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Twin tails
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Hunter X Hunter

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Watch these "hunterchads" try to explain how this is acceptable for a manga.
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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How does it feel knowing the Jaegers will never be free and will eternally be cucks?
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flat chested girls will always be inferior.
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>The Mob is right
>The Mob inside
>The Mob is the inverse of latent untruth
What the shit?
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Chapter 15 is out
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