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You get to kill any genre of anime
what one do you get rid off?

for me its mecha
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Buy yourself a slave, mister!
What do you mean by "I don't want?"
Everybody wants to have a slave!
They're cheap, young, cute and very obedient.
They will fight for you... And more, if you know what I mean.
They will never beg you to free them and will do everything you tell them to do!
Don't blame us, it's a part of our culture we are proud of!
And you now a part of it, so buy it!
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What's wrong with Shinji? Why did he ditched those two to get sodomized by a white hair angel (male)?
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One Piece

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So where is Katakuri? Can Flampe defeat King and Kaido? Is this Flampe's Arc?
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Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, etc

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Is this proper behavior for Friends?
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Yep, this one's going in my wide compilation.
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why do people like watching shows as they come out? if you do that you cant binge watch anime and you are subject to cliff hangers too.
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Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka

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Nobody is watching this?
What the fuck, /a/?
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Made in Abyss

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Say something very nice about my son
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