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Time to go back in time a little
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Trigger hasn't made any good anim-
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Broke Mercenary

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This feels like Goblin Slayer rip-off
>vanacian magic system
>harem noob party
>underestimating gobs
>almost get TPK
>Experienced warrior and priestess survive
How did author get away with it?
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Goblin Slayer

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What does this character represent?
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Anon, do you believe?
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“Sakura was weak”

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I’ll never get this meme
Maybe she was not as strong as overpowered characters like jinjurikie Nardo or Sausage.

Still, she was one of the most prodigious ninjas of her generation. In Shipuden she was already Jonin tier.
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5toubun no hanayome

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At long last, the final volume is Miku volume. I told you Miku would win. I told you.
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Buyfag Thread

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Hey guys check out this juicy figure
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Yahari thread

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Ok /a/ i'm out of loop. What is going with yahari?
When is 3s coming out? Who is the best girl and why is it Totsuka?
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How do I get into Gundam?
/m/ only gives me troll answers
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