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Boku No Hero Academia

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There is no better friend to have than Tsuyu. Why aren't the others like her?
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Made in Abyss

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If nanachi and mitty were, effectively, created by the same process, what are the odds that nanachi is also immortal? He said himself that he would die at some point, but how could he know that if he hasn't died yet?
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Go Toubun no Hanayome

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Negi gave it away with this panel. It's clearly the same way he draws Ichika.
Ninofags and Mikufags will have to accept it eventually.
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smug Konata
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Heaven's Feel

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Is Saber actually an evil person now?

What does the black mud actually do to a servant,what would happen if a master were submerged into it?
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4 leader!? what is this communist propaganda
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Why normal (i.e. realistic) Japanese school girls are so rare in anime?
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What exactly was her appeal? What did Clannadman even see in her?
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About to be homeless. How does a homeless person watch anime? Library I assume?
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