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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

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When's Naoe going to just give up on Erufuda? The other women may have a chance, at least. Erufuda? Hopeless.
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Shinkai haters attack his new movie with negative scores online before its release on 7/19

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Even though it isn't open to the public yet, nor has it had a public preview event for fans or even a closed one for the press.
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Is BnHA a well written series?
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Comfy magician
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Why are vampire lolibabas so great?
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Post an outro with more soul

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Lupin IIIrd: Goemon's Blood Spray

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It's finally being released over here.
>inb4 hurr durr physical media
2019 is a pretty good year for Lupin aside from Monkey Punch's death. We've been getting a lot of Lupin content on a consistent basis since 2015. We have been getting at least 2 films a year and the occasional TV series which plays in the States. At this point, the franchise is becoming mainstream for better or worse as opposed to this niche thing that was only extremely popular in Japan and Italy. Man I love me some good fucking Lupin.
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