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How in the FUCK is he wrong?
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I need help. Never posted here before, never been that into anime. A couple years ago I was watching FMA and it cut off on the episode where Edward gets sent to some dimension with his dad. My brother just told me he watched it and there's more. I knew there probably was but I can't find what episode it is in FMA brotherhood. I'm pretty sure I watched the 2003 version so I'm at a loss. Anyone have any ideas? I have annual training for 2 weeks and need to know what to download tonight.
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Sounan desu ka?

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Episode 3
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ITT: Best female mangaka

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Kaoru mori is the best female mangaka alive, prove me wrong
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Now that the dust has settled, what is the best animes this season so far?
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Is this anime any good? I always get called a weeb whenever I mention my favorite bands in other boards and apparently it’s because of this, is the show related to music at all, or is it just the character’s names
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>Never the servant
>Never drew a yen
>Never had a good story before Zero and even then was carried by vastly superior characters
>Never had a memorable speech
>Never put anyone over
>Main character of the worst route in the original VN
>Only the 3rd best romance option
>Only the 7th best servant in Stay/Night and Zero
>Only the 12th best member of The Knights of the Round Table
>Her group the Knights of the Round Table were utterly BTFO by one retard
>Her Man cosplay was cringeworthy
>Her knight cosplay was cringeworthy
>Shit taste in food
>Failed at being a king so badly that she resorted to hiding in an magical field
>Only significant achievement was being summoned by an autistic child
>Somehow the biggest jobber in a series that contains Gilgamesh
>Can only hold her own because she's a stat stick
>Can only win in a fight because the Grail gave her precognition
>Still struggles to beat some random nobody whose only power to swing a sword really hard at birds
>Always takes the bait, endangering both self and master
>Is the VN equivalent of that one insufferably mediocre whore whose sole professional """""""achievement"""""" is sucking off someone with actual talent
>spent the latter part of her career being replaced by clones of herself with actual personalities
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