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MY SHOW JUST GOT A SECOND SEASON! You will watch my anime, right anon?
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Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

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What's Isao's pankeiki policy?
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I just Finished Gunbuster and thought it was great, what is /a/'s opinion on it?
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What's the AOTY for 2004?
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Girls und Panzer

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>Mext Guy tries to pull out Operarion Barbarossa on Ooarai for a third time during the das Finale season
When he ever leard
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>no re zero ep today
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I checked my girlfriends search history and there's a shitload of yuri hentai and 3dpd lesbian shit. I also know my older sister likes that stuff, what the fuck is up with that? Are all girls secretly lesbian? I throw up just by thinking of watching yaoi hentai or gay porn
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