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What makes Eren Jaegar better than 90% of shonen protagonists?
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Are you looking forward to seeing Rachel in manga form with the Slow Prison Life manga? Considering this is the best otome series, isekai or otherwise.
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Isn't Touma just a big fucking asshole???

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He probably know some of the girls like him.
But he actually wants a harem end and is afraid to spill the truth. At the same time too indecisive to pick one girl and then regret later, that's why he is dragging everything as far as he can.

If he made up his mind, I bet he would have chosen Misaki.

Misaki is smart, pretty and has big boobs. Overall the best girl.
Biri biri is flat as a board.
Index is fucking dumb.
The rest of the girls are too shit to be mentioned.
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Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

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It's official, Hanako-kun's anime will come out in 2020, Lerche is the studio behind it.
Raw for chapter 56 will follow shortly.
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Why are isekai writers so obsessed with crop rotation?

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New chapter in 2/3 days.
When will we have a kii-arc?
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you didn't forgot her, right?
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Ajin Demihuman vs Fire Punch

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Which one did the immortality/regeneration better, /a/?
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Daily Sketchbook Chapter

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Torikai-san and the Suzukaze Combo
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Hey can you guys watch my stand arrow for me while I go to the bathroom?
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