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The definition of toilet humor
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If you had a daughter, would you let her dress like this?
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Does /a/ like Shana?
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When will we have another Shinichi case now that they're dating?
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If you were a girl, who would you rather get fucked by?
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Can anime be saved?

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What am I in for? Is it worth watching?
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Guys, it's the best day of the week. Your waifu and mine, Ao-chan, gets a new episode today.
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What is the appeal of younger women in comparison to older women?

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We all know older women are mature, they will tease you, dote on you, and spoil you to their heart's content, however, younger women tend to be more innocent, "naive" and we are the one who usually dotes and protects them.
However, like lolis they inevitably grow up and will become mature at one point, their motherly instinct will be more apparent as they age.

The endgame is that when you become old, they will spoil you and take care of you like an older woman who is doting on their younger partner
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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How was this week's episode?
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