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Virtual-san wa Miteiru

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Just what you'd expect from the master, Mr. Anno. And by "what you'd expect" I mean making an anime of that guy who fucked Yabuki's wife.
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Should discussion of Shounen Jump manga and their anime adaptations have their own containment board like /m/ and /vp/?
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What's wrong with Shinji? Why did he ditched those two to get sodomized by a white hair angel (male)?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Cyka blyat
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What's your opinion of murderlolis?
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ok this was good, i will give you that
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Civilians. Heroes. Villians. Quirks.
Long ago, the Quirk-filled nation of Japan lived in harmony.
Then, everything changed when the League of Villains attacked.
Only All Might, master of the Quirk, One for All, could stop them, but when the nation needed him most, his Quirk vanished.
Months passed and the people discovered the new All Might, a Quirkless hero named Deku.
And although his battle strategies are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.
But I believe Deku can save the world.
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I can't believe Akari is fucking dead!
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Is she the cutest girl of the season?
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Dragon Ball Super

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Why is Journey to the West aesthetics so kino?