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Aku no Hana

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Admit it, she should have won. Kusuga should have just broken up with Tokiwa the second he found out where Nakamura was. Instead he stuck with the worst most boring option.
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This shoujo manga is pretty cute

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ITT Cute moments
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Studio Pierrot's Jump Festa lineup. Will it be yet another big disappointment for Bleachfags?
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Boku no Hero Academia

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Results for the My Hero >Academia 4th popularity poll, which had a total of 80714 votes!

>1 - Bakugo Katsuki
>2 - Todoroki Shoto
>3 - Midoriya Izuku
>4 - Hawks
>5 - Kirishima Eijiro
>6 - Best Jeanist
>7 - Yaoyorozu Momo
>8 - Endeavor
>9 - Iida Tenya
>10 - All Might
Is this the best poll yet?
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I love her so much
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Well? Do you?
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What hentai artists do you wish would make an overarching plot manga?

I want Napata to make a sol/romcom. His artwork is top tier and he is good at designing cute girls with unique personalities.
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How was being a weeb in the 90's like?
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itt: anime series with good english dubs
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