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>Best JoJo
>Best cast
>Best villian
>Pink Floyd references
>Has had multiple spinoffs
>Araki's favorite part
>So good that it got a new rendition
>3 JoJos

and people say Diamond is Unbreakable is the worst part
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ITT: Best female mangaka

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Kaoru mori is the best female mangaka alive, prove me wrong
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this triggers the herkz
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ITT: Anime that started off strong but ended like shit
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Now that the dust has settled, what is the best animes this season so far?
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Could you defeat her?
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Is this anime any good? I always get called a weeb whenever I mention my favorite bands in other boards and apparently it’s because of this, is the show related to music at all, or is it just the character’s names
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So picked this up and seems.... decent?
What are your thoughts on Gay/stay /m/ight?
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>why is she so perfect bros?
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